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#1 Technology Podcast in iTunes

RingtoneFeeder #1 Technology Podcast on iTunesAlthough RingtoneFeeder is not really a podcast, our free demo feed which contains ringtone samples, video tutorials and video intro of the week is today showing up as the number #1 Technology Podcast according to iTunes in the US store and we are even showing up among the Top 100 podcasts.

We are really excited about the interest RingtoneFeeder has received so far and would like to thank all of you who sent us comments and suggestions, we really appreciate all the feedback.

Technology Podcasts in iTunes | Screenshot

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  1. Bryant commented:

    This is awesome. Great job on this. Now I don’t have to pay apple to create ringtones which is a hassle and doesn’t sound as good as this. This is absolutely great. Keep it up.

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