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Archive for November, 2008

Christmas for your iPhone

Sunday, November 30th, 2008 by Administrator

This holiday season, RingtoneFeeder is wishing iPhone owners a Merry Christmas with 24 unique iPhone optimized Christmas ringtones. You get 6 ringtones each week for 4 weeks this December for only $4.99 – starting Monday December 1st 2008.



If you are an existing RingtoneFeeder subscriber you can subscribe from the members section and just select the Christmas Pack 2008 from the drop-down list and click “Order” – otherwise just subscribe from here.

iPod User 36

Thursday, November 27th, 2008 by Administrator

We are pleased to announce that you can get 5 free RingtoneFeeder ringtones on the CD of the November edition of iPod User (#36) – we are very excited about the extra exposure so go get the magazine today and check it out.

RingtoneFeeder on iPod User CD

RingtoneFeeder on iPod User CD



Read more details at

Geoff performs live on Humanety

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 by Administrator

Geoff Smith performs a personal video concert for the high bidder in a charity auction. He’s supporting Songs of Love, a charity that gives personalized songs to children and teens that are facing tough physical and emotional challenges.


Geoff Smith Humanety Charity Concert from Humanety on Vimeo.



For more from this session, check out the “Backstage” version of this video.

Old skool

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 by Administrator

We have just released the thirstiest weekly batch of ringtones and if you are a subscriber they will all be available in your feed by the time you read this as usual.



This week the ringtone is titled “Old Skool” and it inspired by the Beastie Boys which you will also see if you watch the video this week. Pick it up, pick it up – here we go! The instrumental tone is a brand new style this week – Percussion – make sure you click “GET ALL” in iTunes if only one of the tones are downloaded automatically.


If you are a subscriber, don’t forget to vote for the weekly ringtone below or in the members vote section so we can get a feeling for what you like, otherwise have a go at the free demo feed to check out what we are offering.


If you are not subscribed yet, then just click here to get started. If you have any problems getting the ringtones on to your iPhone please have a read through the frequently asked questions or just contact us and we will do everything we can to help.

Update to FAQ

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 by Administrator

We have made some updates to the Frequently Asked Questions page to address a few new questions that appears to be common among our new users as a result of the new iTunes 8.0+


The main issues are the update settings of the individual podcasts and to ensure that the ringtones are not being automatically deleted. We have made a comprehensive walk-though with screenshots which should help – do let us know if you have any suggestions or comments to that.


We have also addressed a less common issue which seems to happen on firmware 2.1 and earlier where the RingtoneFeeder ringtones are silent when the iPhone rings. This is not a RingtoneFeeder issue and a simple restart of your iPhone takes care of that.

iPhone 2.2

Friday, November 21st, 2008 by Administrator

We have just updated our iPhone to the new firmware 2.2 to test that everything is working from a RingtoneFeeder perspective and everything is working just fine.


One of the new features is the ability to download new podcasts over wifi which is really cool – you are not able to download ringtones via the podcast though – but you can get our free weekly videos downloaded straight to your iPhone which we hope you find entertaining.

We were pleased to see RingtoneFeeder as the top podcast for Technology and below a few screenshots to walk you through the process of getting our weekly video podcast on your iPhone.



RingtoneFeeder is in the Technology category

RingtoneFeeder is in the Technology category





Select iPhone ringtones (Demo)

Select iPhone ringtones (Demo)





List of episodes available for download

List of episodes available for download





Downloading the episode

Downloading the episode




Once the download has completed the episode will be available in iPod » Podcasts on your iPhone and next time you sync your iPhone the episode will also be available on iTunes on your computer with an option to subscribe to the Podcast.




Playing the weekly iPhone ringtone video

Playing the weekly iPhone ringtone video




You can of course also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. Make sure that you sync the RingtoneFeeder podcast to your iPhone and then you can download new episodes on your iPhone directly.


Subscribe to the free podcast directly from iTunes.

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