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Interview on ArtistOne Analytics

Nicholas Young

Nicholas Young

Geoff Smith in a one hour long interview by Nicholas Young from ArtistOne Analytics. Geoff is talking about his career and the projects he is involved in – including RingtoneFeeder of course.


Music in general is being discussed including how Geoff feels about listening to music when he is off as well as how he got involved with producing jingles for podcasts. Geoff goes on to talk about his many gigs as well as the Christmas album that came out in 2007 and a bit about the Christmas plans for December 2008 which will include a live event.


The interview also covers the successful iYule project, Geoff’s involvement in charity for children – Songs of Love Foundation and a comprehensive talk about RingtoneFeeder, how it all works from a subscription and usage point of view and how you get the ringtones onto your iPhone.


The interview also features the following tracks from the Ones and 0s album:

Tech Support, Talk Like a Man and Ones and 0’s


» Listen to the full interview

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  1. Nicholas Young commented:

    Thanks for the write up and link. I really enjoyed interviewing Geoff. Let’s do coffee sometime.

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