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Cali Lewis
via Twitter

Not that person again…

iPhone Ringtones coverInspired by the excellent and not least elegant solution provided by – we thought we would pass on the concept of dealing with spammers or other unwanted calls on the iPhone.

1. Create a new contact called “Spammers” or whatever you prefer and assign a specific ringtone to that particular contact – for example “This Person Again” or as suggested in the post a completely silent ringtone which you can download for free.


2. Whenever you receive calls from unwanted people, simply add their number to the “Spammers” contact in your address book and you will either instantly know that it is “That Person Again” or simply not be alerted at all.


To install the ringtone – simply download the file and and double-click it (or drag it into iTunes) and it will appear in your Ringtones folder. If you need help with getting ringtones onto your iPhone, please refer to our FAQ.


The solution is of course not bulletproof as persistent spammers often call from different telephone numbers, but it can certainly aid you over time if you consistently filter them out by adding them to the “Spammer” contact.

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  1. steve commented:

    thank you! i have been looking for this for awhile. great to have a quick and easy way to pull it all together.

  2. Greg commented:

    Or you can take the opposite aproach. Set this as your default ringtone and assign only the people you want to talk to a sonic ringtone.

  3. KeAnna commented:

    It is great since ringtonefeeder has been created. But It would be nice if there is female voice ringtone.

  4. Brian commented:

    Thank you!

    Needed a short silence ring-tone for a particular spammer that calls my iPhone multiple times per day!

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