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“The new ringtone is a hoot. Might have to use that for an alarm sound.”

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Ones and 0s on CD


Ones and 0s

Today I received the physical copy of Geoff Smith’s new album “Ones and 0s” and it looks fantastic!


If you haven’t already gotten the album you can now get the “traditional” CD version of the album over at – or you can of course get the Dynamic Album here at RingtoneFeeder and enjoy exclusive extra material for a whole year.


This post was done on an iPhone using the brand new WordPress plugin (just search for it in iTunes) – it seems to work really well except you can’t position images and mark-up is not trivial at this point but a great start.

Now we just need Geoff to be able to compose and record ringtones on his iPhone as well.

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  1. Dave Peterson commented:

    I’m looking forward to getting a bundle of these in a few days. In addition to an archive copy for myself, I’m giving them to connection-speed-impaired friends who can’t easily download the dynamic album. Gotta share the goodness that is Geoff!

  2. Daniel commented:

    The CD looks good!
    I like the way the Digital Art is on the CD itself. That’s always a good touch for me when I buy CDs or DVDs.

    Had trouble see this page viva twitter link but looks good on a Mac.

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