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“The new ringtone is a hoot. Might have to use that for an alarm sound.”

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Site of the week

Apple Phone ShowRingtoneFeeder was picked as “site of the week” by the Apple Phone Show, below some of the comments and conclusions:

The installation and execution of the process was seamless and light. I appreciate that. Ringtone Feeder gets it right. Once I had an account created and clicked on the Ringtone Feeder URL, iTunes was launched, and I was prompted for my username and password. After entering the required information and selecting “Remember My Password”, the inaugural ringtone was being downloaded into iTunes. In order to use the ringtone, I had to complete two additional steps:

1. Create a smart playlist of the ringtones, and 2. Sync the playlist with my iPhone.






The innovation in the delivery of the ringtones through the Ringtone Feeder concept is brilliant. I love not having to install another application or invoke a new process to sync and use ringtones. I already use iTunes. The Ringtone Feeder team thought about the process and incorporated the existing Apple workflow into its model and delivery. I am interested and excited to watch how this service affects new and existing implementations and tools. With the SDK coming, I hope Apple is considering a similar, easy-to-use system of purchasing, buying and using third-party applications.

You can read the full story over at the Apple Phone Show.

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