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Barking Chihuahua Ringtone

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 by Administrator

It is once again Tuesday and we have just released the 124th batch of iPhone ringtones. If you are a subscriber they will all be available in your feed in iTunes by the time you read this as usual.

This week the ringtone is titled “Business Office Ringtone”:

– the instrumental tone this week is “Barking Chihuahua Ringtone

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Don’t have an iPhone or just want this week’s ringtone? Check out OneTone or head over to iTunes where you can also now get RingtoneFeeder tones as albums.

Geoff on Music Business Radio

Monday, August 24th, 2009 by Administrator

Geoff on Music Business Radio

Geoff on Music Business Radio

This week Geoff Smith was interviewed by David Hooper on Music Business Radio where they talk about how Geoff got his start in the jingle business and get some great advice for upcoming musicians looking to get their first cuts.

They talk about Geoff’s business of producing and distributing original ringtones via They also talk about Geoff’s “Dynamic Album” invention and how artists can release music using that method.

And… Geoff has some custom jingles for both Music Business Radio and the “Demo Derby” segment.

» Listen to the entire interview

Music Business Radio is a syndicated, weekly, one-hour specialty program spotlighting the inside workings of the music business.

The show is hosted by music marketing expert, consultant, and author, David Hooper, and features interviews with various industry professionals giving the listener their insight and expertise into the business. Our wide-ranging guest list include Grammy Award winning producers, artists, musicians, and songwriters…as well as, record executives, promoters and artist managers.