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Using the iPhone alarm clock

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 by Administrator

We have received quite a lot of requests for alarm tones for use with the iPhone alarm clock – so this week we produced the first one.


To use your iPhone alarm clock with a custom tone is pretty easy – below some easy steps to get you set and a screenshot of what it could look like.




Using the iPhone alarm clock

Using the iPhone alarm clock



  1. Press the “Clock” icon menu on your iPhone.
  2. Press “Alarm” in the “Clock” menu to access the options for your alarm clock. You can set the time and date of your next alarm by pressing the plus symbol (+) next to “Alarm” in the “Clock” menu.
  3. Schedule future alarms with the “Repeat” feature on your iPod. You can use the same time and sound settings on consecutive days, weeks or months by pressing “Repeat” after setting the initial alarm. 
  4. Activate the “Snooze” feature if you like to get more reminders to wake up for example.
  5. Select the sound you want to use – Alert 1 is our first take at an alarm sound – but you can also use other RingtoneFeeder ringtones as your alarm sound (“Most annoying” for example).  You can adjust alarm sound options in the “Alarm settings” section. 
  6. Finally label your alarm so you know what the alarm is a reminder of and confirm that your alarm is set by making sure you can see a small clock icon in the upper line of your iPhone’s main screen. 

That’s it!