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The future of content delivery?

Monday, July 7th, 2008 by Administrator

Paul Colligan reviews the content delivery model that we recently launched here at RingtoneFeeder, below are a few quotes from his blog post:


In short, through the magic of RSS, Geoff Smith is delivering not just his album by RSS, and not just some “bonuses” by RSS, but he’s delivering a YEAR of additional content by RSS.


In a year, when the new album comes out, all Geoff has to do is push a message to his subscribers and, BAM, they’re in line for the next one.


In a year, when the new (insert big name artist here) album comes out, they’ll need a multi-million dollar advertising campaign to rise above all the noise.


Which path makes more sense to you?


Where would you rather spend your time and effort – the million dollar campaign to make sure people know your still alive – or serving your audience?


Watch the video review: