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“Geoff Smith, you rock!”

Leo Laporte
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Welcome to RingtoneFeeder

Geoff SmithWe are pleased to finally take live. We have put a lot of efforts into making this a unique and user-friendly experience and we hope that you like to use it as much as we enjoyed producing it.


As you might have noticed if you have looked around a bit – the objective of RingtoneFeeder is to add some real value to your iPhone by producing ringtones that are optimized specifically for the iPhone and hopefully make it a positive moment – maybe even put a smile on your face – when your iPhone is ringing. 


We welcome your suggestions and comments and if you would like to produce ringtones with us, make sure you check out the Artists section and then get in touch with us so we can evaluate the opportunity.   


So what is the “elevator pitch”?


In short you will be getting at least one new ringtone delivered to your iPhone every week though iTunes. If you like to keep a specific tone permanently, you can download it from the Subscribers section and just double click to install it in your ringtones folder in iTunes and keep it permanently on your iPhone if you later on decide to cancel the subscription and delete the feed.


While you are subscribed you can, based on your Podcast sync settings, increase the number of simultaneous ringtones you have on your iPhone automatically or completely manage your ringtones using a Smart Playlist – but the concept is really to get a fresh new ringtone every week – just like you get an episode of your favorite podcast or tv show.


We look forward to providing you will great content in the year to come – and we might also have a few surprises up our sleeve – more on that later.


Please make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed for this blog so you are aware of our announcements and do check out our video tutorials.  

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  1. Edward Thompson commented:

    These are great! If you love Geoff’s music, and you do, you should get his ringtones. Fun, easy to hear, get ‘um.

  2. administrator commented:

    We will ensure that this blog will be updated every week, so do check back on a regular basis.

  3. Christopher Rodriguez commented:


    Awesome, creative and kool new way to hear ringtones. When I mean new way to hear ringtones, I mean instead regular music you hear in the radio or an mp3 purchased online, you give us a new unique sound toward what ringtone really all about.

    Christopher Rodriguez

  4. Christopher Rodriguez commented:


    Thanks for the new, creative, unique new way to listen to ringtones.

    -Christopher Rodriguez

  5. Dan commented:

    I have been wanting GS and similar ringtones for a while and am totally willing to pay the annual membership right now. The only catch is I don’t have an iPhone. Any way those of us without iPhones can get the tones????

  6. administrator commented:

    Hi Dan,

    Sorry, initially we are only making the ringtones for the iPhone – the reason is that we have gone through quite a bit of tweaking to make it sound the best we possibly could on that particular phone.

    We have had a number of requests for other phones already and I hope we will be able to support other handsets in the future.

    Thanks for your comments.

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